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N64iOS App from iPhone Emulators ®

Users of iOS devices have always been disappointed by spending so much for the gadgets and spending even more for expensive applications for the devices.  Among these applications that are in demand in the market despite the costs are the game emulators.  The birth of jailbreak has changed all that and Zodttd has always been one of the strongest programmers to offer game emulators for the devices.  Despite all the accusations of breaking the law thrown at Zodttd, it stands tall and says otherwise.  His github is always up to date and keeps his programs as open source applications so that gamers only have to spend a fraction of the cost to enjoy the old games and the latest ones.

          Cydia is a software application that is similar to the Apple’s App Store and allows users to download most of its applications for free.  N64iOS an Nintendo 64 emulator is the latest game emulator In Cydia.  It costs $1.99 in the Zodttd + MacCiti repo.

It is currently supported by iPhone and iPod Touch and can soon be enjoyed on the iPad.  Although it has been gaining popularity especially among gamers, a few things are to be known before downloading it.  Since it is still on beta, there are still a lot more work to be done for it run all the games. It is not a full version yet as there is still no retina display graphics and iPad support.  Zodttd acknowledges that it is not yet a finished work and describes the application as an early release version.  Some of the things not included are save states, landscape and iPad support but saving games through a memory card or eeprom is already available.  Since it is still on beta, some games still have graphical glitches.  A frameskip config file and ROM option for disabling sound output are available to aid the performance.  It can be enjoyed using onscreen display controls with accelerometer or a Nintendo WiiMote control with accelerometer.  Some of the features include support capability for WiiMote via Bluetooth, fast dynarec CPU emulation, sound emulation and download ROMS within the application.  It also has fast openGL ES 2.0 graphics renderer and the controller overlays are skinnable.  It can support .n64 and .z64 ROMS and .zip and .7z archives.

It is expected that a full version of the emulator will soon be released but there is still no specific date mentioned as to when exactly.  It is better to download the full version in the future but a price increase is to be expected.

For many who just enjoy the games and are not that familiar with the gaming expressions and terms, the emulator does not come with the games.  It is only a means for you to run the games on your devices.  You should have your own ROMS already or get them from another source but the n64iOs app comes with a search and download feature which makes it easier for users to find the specific ROMS.

It is also to be noted that the N64 controller included 14 buttons including the D pad so playing it on your devices will prove to be a different experience.  Although the regular buttons can be similar when using your own iDevices, the analog stick is another thing.  The accelerometer now serves the purpose of the analog stick, which does not work for all.  Although the gameplay brings back old memories and can still be enjoyable, it takes time getting used to because it is a whole new different experience even with the use of the WiiMote via Bluetooth