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DS Emulators - is the best nds rom emulator site with reviews, scfreenshots and downloads of the latest versions of Nintendo DS emulators for various platforms. No$GBA and DeSmuME are my favorite PC based nds game apps, but for GBA multiplayer VBA Link is the best.

September 27th
Super Nintendo - Snes9x EX

Super Nintendo / Famicom

September 25th
Nintendo 8-bit - NES.emu


September 23th
Playstation - Psx4iPhone

While it is not working at full speed yet PSX game ISO compatibility is improving and for a work in progrress build it is really good! Cydia is neeeded for installing this App on iPhone.

September 20th
MAME Arcade - iMame4all

MAME is the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Nintendo 64 bit Simulator for The iPhone

Users of iOS devices have always been disappointed by spending so much for the gadgets and spending even more for expensive applications for the devices.  Among these applications that are in demand in the market despite the costs are the game emulators.  The birth of jailbreak has changed all that and Zodttd has always been one of the strongest programmers to offer game emulators for the devices.  Despite all the accusations of breaking the law thrown at Zodttd, it stands tall and says otherwise.  His github is always up to date and keeps his programs as open source applications so that gamers only have to spend a fraction of the cost to enjoy the old games and the latest ones.

Cydia is a software application that is similar to the Apple’s App Store and allows users to download most of its applications for free.  N64iOS an Nintendo 64 emulator is the latest game emulator In Cydia.  It costs $1.99 in the Zodttd + MacCiti repo.